Champions of Monolith Tournament Information


Champions of Monolith: A Duelyst Tournament

Tournament Details

Date: Friday, January 27th, 2017, at 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern
Format: 11-player/10-game King of the Hill, bo1
Prize: $50.00 USD per win, with a total of $500.00 at stake
Additional Prizes: Legendary general skins and other cosmetics as well as orb codes will be given out through various means during the tournament – make sure to keep your eyes peeled during the event for your chance to win some awesome stuff! More details on additional prizes will follow.

This tournament will be broadcast at – players are free to stream their matches on their own channels at their own risk (a delay is recommended – we cannot do anything about stream sniping).

If you are interested in competing in Champions of Monolith, please visit this link for details on how to enter. Of the 11 seats available, 7 participants were selected by officials. 3 will be chosen by the community following an application process and 1 seat will be awarded to an international player.

Format Details

  • Players shall bring one general and one deck; every deck (with sideboard) must be submitted to a tournament official before the event begins.
  • Matches are one game each. Better mulligan carefully!
  • Players can have a sideboard of seven cards to adapt to bad matchups and/or shake things up if they’rre on a win streak and want to keep their opponents guessing.
    • Additional Sideboard Details: A sideboard must contain explicitly seven individual cards.
      Example Sideboards:

      • 3x Siphon Energy, 3x Lightbender, 1x Rae
      • 1x Icy, 1x Bur, 1x Snow Rippler, 1x Sol, 3x Golden Mantella
      • 2x Nature’s Confluence, 2x Gro, 2x Rex, 1x Razor Skin
    • Each of these sideboards would be supplement to your original 40-card deck submission. Consult with Rainesama if you have further questions.
  • About five minutes prior to each match commencing, both players will be informed what general their opponent is playing. They may then use the remaining time to tech/sideboard according to the matchup and prevents the reigning champion from being too disadvantaged as their earlier games may be broadcasted before they are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Competing players should be available from the beginning of the event until they have been eliminated. The order in which players compete will not be pre-determined before the event. It may not be as relevant in the first edition of CoM, but if successful further events are held, we would like to establish rivalries and capitalize on them during high-stakes moments. Some players may also be asked to conduct interviews with the casters after their games.
  • In the event of a draw, the match will be replayed.
  • In the event of a disconnect, if the two involved players cannot reach an agreement on the outcome of the match, a tournament administrator will either deem a winner or demand the game be replayed. While officials will avoid interfering with the outcome unless absolutely necessary, the ultimate decision of any disconnect will fall under their reserved jurisdiction should they choose to exercise it.

Format Example

Two starting players will be chosen by an official for match 1. The loser of this match is knocked out of CoM01; the winner accumulates a $50.00 prize and moves on to face their second challenger, once again chosen by an official. The loser is knocked out, and the winner collects $50.00 and moves on to the next and so forth. All winnings a player has accumulated at the time they are knocked out will be awarded to them (prize delivery estimated early March 2017 at the absolute latest).

Competitor Code of Conduct

Players competing in Champions of Monolith will be expected to honor a high degree of civility and sportsmanship towards the event, other players, officials, and the audience. Players are expected not to generate any unfair advantages for themselves via cheating, abuse, or exploitation of any bugs or glitches. Players found to be in violation of the established rules are subject to being expelled from current and future CoM events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m interested in organizing/casting/helping in some other way. What should I do? If you would like to contribute to the success of CoM, feel free to reach out to rainesama; coordination will be carried out from there.
  • Why no grand prize? A grand prize may be established if CoM01 is a success and I decide to continue the series with further CoM tournament installments . However, because it is KotH, a grand prize for accumulated wins over this one event favors the first few players, so I’ve decided to forego grand prizes for individual events.
  • Why king of the hill? My indoctrination into esports was with Starcraft II – and Shoutcraft Kings, organized by John ‘Totalbiscuit’ Bane, is by far my favorite esports event. Not knowing who the reigning champion will have to battle next until the battle has commenced is exciting to me. Watching Innovation win 6+ times in a row, racking up HUGE prizes (those games reward $250.00 USD per win) raises the stakes for me as a viewer and engages me, attaching me to the tournament emotionally. I want the Duelyst audience to be excited to see one of their favorite players win big, and I want the players to feel the pressure of every misplay potentially knocking them out of the event and costing them a $50.00 reward.
  • Will there be future Champions of Monolith events? I’d love to do CoM 4+ times a year. Ideally, we would be doing an edition every single month, making it a year-long 12-installment tournament. However, at this time I cannot commit further resources than I already have to this event. If we can continue Champions of Monolith, I have absolutely every single intention of doing everything in my power to do so, but at this time I cannot promise I’ll be able to secure the requisite funding. Helping spread the word about this event will contribute to its success and is the single-greatest way we can keep bringing it back, meaning more awesome esports events for Duelyst fans, and more opportunities for our favorite players to earn real money for bringing our passion to life on the world stage.
  • Why isn’t every seat in this event open to all players? It is the intent of the organizers to include several participants through an application process, but the majority of seats are invitation-only. Future Champions of Monolith events will be more flexible, but the existence of those events is contingent on the success of the first. Drawing from my own personal experience, I am more excited about esports events when I am rooting for players that I follow. The specific model I am emulating with this event follows this same philosophy, only more exclusively.
  • Isn’t it unfair to be the last/second-to-last/etc. player? Once again, how valuable being the reigning king at the end of the event is, is contingent on whether or not further CoM events will come to be. All things considered, it’s still an opportunity for the final player to earn a significant ($50.00) prize in roughly 15 minutes, a higher reward per time invested than is offered in most other events.
  • What if one of the contestants is a no-show? A reserve of 2-3 backup players will be retained prior to the event to step in if necessary. If they are not able to participate in this edition of Champions of Monolith, they will be among the first considered for the roster of the second CoM, contingent on their availability.
  • Who is funding this event? The prize money is being 100% provided by Rainesama. While I’ll be heavily involved in every aspect of the event from pre-production to post, I will not be competing. I do have an obvious interest in this event being successful but it is being funded 100% out-of-pocket as my contribution to the growth of Duelyst and its esports/competitive scene in a way that is harmoniously beneficial to me.
  • I have another question that isn’t listed here. Contact Raine! The easiest way to do so is via the Duelyst discord channel.