Champions of Monolith – Community Seat Applications

The following players are being considered for participation in Champions of Monolith. Visit this link to vote for the two you’d like to see compete the most! The three competitors that receive the most votes by 12:00PM Eastern time on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 will be awarded the community seats for Champions of Monolith.



ultimacloud_rank-history.png“I would like the community to vote for me so that as an up and coming player, I can have a chance to show the community my talent and ability and to show the community some great matches. I would also like to have a chance to mettle with some of the best Duelyst players to further improve my skill as a player. ( there were many seasons where I did not try to climb ) but this last season I tried very hard and was 1 single win away from S-tier. I know I can hang with some of the best, and would love a chance to prove it. Thank you for your consideration.”



No rank history provided.

s rank every season apart from march where didnt play
reason why u should vote : so i can own humans and all of”




“I’m Jon; WickedFlux in-game. British S-ranker and streamer; I stream (not as frequently as I’d like) with a focus on educational Ladder & Gauntlet play. To my knowledge I have the most Songhai ribbons in the game (34), though you’ll currently find me dabbling in Sajj!
Once a more competitive player now I focus primarily on keeping the game enjoyable, fresh and interesting for myself. I like to create and tweak new decks to suit my play-style, and share my passion for the game with others via streaming and coaching.”




“The community should vote for me as I am a innovative player who brings twists and great play with me in showmatches. I won DPL season 2 with two fractal replications in my magmar deck as well as getting 3rd place in novembers open qualifier and going undefeated in the swiss portion of the november closed qualifier. I am relatively new on the scene, so I am representing the new players. As a content creator for youtube and twitch getting my face into invitationals scene would be amazing.”




“I think the community should vote for me because i think i have a lot of potential for the duelyst scene. I got into Duelyst in the later end of the beta and fell in love with the game and have been very active since. i’ve had a few attempts in the tournament scene in over the month. I think i should be voted because i love this game and i want to show everyone the interesting decks i like to play.”




“i am a good f2p tournament player which played in well known tournaments like duelyst pro league or the dwc qualifier and some more

if i will be voted i will only play with vetruvian because somehow he sees no love anymore in duelyst and i want it to be a litte interesting not every time those meta decks”


What an exceptional set of applications! Don’t forget to cast your vote before 12:00PM (Eastern US) on January 23rd, 2017.