Tempo Argeon Decklist (4 Jan 2017)


Tempo Argeon – January 2017

Tempo Argeon continues to be one of the most powerful decks in Duelyst, despite relying on very few of the newly released Rise of the Bloodborn cards. Of course, one could incorporate more or less at their leisure with cards such as Scintilla and Draining Wave, but this isn’t all too surprising since RotB seemed to intend to develop a lot of the more seldomly-played generals, to varying degrees of success.

Some lists also run slower tech options such as Circle of Life, but I typically dislike spending an entire turn on one removal with this list. There are also those including Dioltas, Ironcliffe Guardians, and Divine Bond, but I prefer using a more aggressive mid-game with Tempo Argeon, punishing slower decks with fast, high damage (via Roar, Primus Fist, & Celery Lions) and punishing faster decks with Holy Immolations, Slos, and Silverguard Knights. It’s worth noting that removing Healing Mystic does make the Celery Lions a little weaker, since you can no longer restore 2 health to the Lion to guarantee it survives through the first attack, but Holy Immolation can be used to achieve this effect at a greater cost for a much better outcome (4 face damage plus clearing any nearby 4 or less health minions).

Tempo Argeon Decklist (4 Jan 2017)

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