Variax Lilithe Decklist (30 Dec 2016)


Variax Lilithe Decklist

This deck is pretty crazy. It’s still a work in progress, but this deck performed pretty well for me at the end of the season. Typically, Ooz/Bloodtear/Flameblood serve as early game bodies to contest mana tiles while you try to push out a Bloodmoon Priestess or Tiger. Early Cryptographer is fine too, bodies for Deathwatch/Ritual Banishing and pings for Punish. Spectral Blade is good vs Scintilla, Makantor, Dioltas, you name it, it kills almost everything 5 and under while softening the blow to your general. By turn 5 you should be able to ramp Variax out at least 85% of games – definitely hold one Variax and up to two Darkfire Sacrifice during mulligan. General rule of thumb, if you can get Variax out this turn and you won’t lose the game by doing so, get Variax out (almost always). After the first one is out, it’s a 7-mana 7/7. Save additional Darkfires for Bloodmoons/Shadowdancers/Tugers or use them if you really need the 7/7 body, but your wraithlings should serve as the bulk of your trade fodder while you heal with Dancer and generate an unanswerable stream of 5/5s with Bloodmoon + bloodborn spell. While playing this deck, study the consequences of even and odd mana costs on cards versus your available mana – as player 1, you get your BBS on even mana turns (starting at 4); as player two, on odd mana turns (starting at 5). Think ahead based on when your Variax is dropped (for example, if you drop Variax on 5, you want to BBS on 6, so you want a 3-mana play to go with it, and a 5-mana play to go with your BBS on turn 8).

Variax Lilithe Decklist (30 Dec 2016)

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