Midrange Faie Decklist (29 Dec. 2016)


Midrange Faie Duelyst Decklist

With the holidays over, I’ve finally been playing a little Duelyst again. With Rise of the Bloodborn here, I immediately wanted to start playing with Sleet Dasher and all the powerful new Vanar spells. Cryptographer is especially neat in Faie – your opponent can literally never not play around Warbird, lest they risk being punished. Aspect of the Drake, Hearth-Sister, Ruby Rifter, and Dark Nemesis have been coming together to make some dank plays. So far, I am thinking about cutting the L’kians. Maybe the Grove Lion too. I’m still testing it but I may just add more Ruby Rifters to the deck. We’ll see. Thanks for checking out my decklist, guys. I’ll keep you posted here with the updates as it evolves.

Midrange Faie Decklist (29 Dec. 2016)

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