Patch 1.78 Overview / Duelyst 70

Rise of the Bloodborn is here!

In this video, I go over Duelyst’s Patch 1.78, which introduced their new expansion Rise of the Bloodborn and the new keyword Blood Surge.

Blood Surge

Blood Surge is activated whenever your general casts their Bloodborn Spell from the BBS widget by their portait. In other words, using Alcuin to create a copy of your BBS to cast from your hand will not cause Blood Surge to trigger.

New Expansion – Card Review

After discussing the patch notes, I quickly review the 17 cards that were not revealed prior to the release of the patch notes. I also discuss the Myriad story – it turns out I’m not crazy, it’s in the set.

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Cheers, -Raine

Patch 1.78 Overview / Duelyst 70

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