A New Beginning / LP Chroma Squad 13

Season 4, Episode 1 – A New Beginning

Bad RNG Squad just can’t stay out of trouble. In this episode, they mysteriously pick up the ability to teleport instantaneously, but only when it’s convenient to maintaining the narrative. Gotta love this games blatant cheese – it makes for an excellent parody.

Carving Punkpin

Punkpin? Yes, Punkpin, an evil Jack-o-Lantern-type person, is the main antagonist of this adventure. I personally find “Punkpin” to be annoying to pronounce, which makes me want to destroy Punkpin even more.

Vanishing Assassins?

That wasn’t a bug or anything at 7:27 – Panddo picked up a passive at the beginning of Season 4 that gives him a chance to deal area damage, and I didn’t realize this.

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A New Beginning / LP Chroma Squad 13

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