Hybrid Reva Decklist (02 Dec 2016)


Songhai – Hybrid Reva

This Reva list is based off of one posted by Grincherz alongside an article he wrote recently about winning the Race to S Rank. I really enjoyed reading about his decision-making process, both overall with counter-meta decisions and with his approach to the Songhai faction.

Zendo is such a beast, GrincherZ runs two copies.

I did cut one Zendo for a third Juxtaposition – I’m not ready to spend spirit on Zendo yet, although recent results have me strongly considering a second copy. He’s amazing with Killing Edge if he survives.

This deck focuses on some of the basic Songhai combo building blocks (Four Winds, Avatar, Heaven’s Eclipse) while also utilizing some of the midrange and board control options more commonly  found in Kaleos lists (Hamon, Zendo, Onyx Bear Seal). The curve is rounded off with Spiral Technique as a finisher for the late game, and all the standard Songhai aggro tropes for the early, including Kataras, Lantern Fox, and Tusk Boars. In addition to the two copies of Heaven’s Eclipse, the deck also runs three Spelljammers, giving us an enormous number of opportunities to top-deck into card draw in sticky situations where we have to exhaust our hand prematurely.

Alongside Heaven’s Eclipse, Spelljammer is one of our main card draw engines.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this deck so far and plan to have some pretty neat games up soon (including an awesome Zendo lethal). Huge shout-out again to GrincherZ for sharing this list with everyone – definitely check out his stream sometime to see one of the best Duelyst players in action.

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Cheers, -Raine

Hybrid Reva Decklist (02 Dec 2016)

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