Fast Cassyva #4 / Duelyst 59

In this episode of Duelyst, I’m testing Breath of the Unborn in my Fast Cassyva list.


While I’m not sure if the Fast version is the best archetype of Cassyva at the moment, Breath of the Unborn seems to compensate decently over Blistering Skorn. I’m still not sold on it, however – Skorn may be better than this spell, it’s a very case-by-case problem – and with the next expansion so near, I don’t think I’ll be exploring Fast Cassyva a whole lot more until that time, mainly because there are some other lists that I think are more fun to play at the moment.

This episode sees Faie get obliterated back to the Whyte Mountains, Kaleos attempting to seize an opportunity when I miss lethal, and Zirix going head-to-head with the most annoying Kelaino you’ve ever seen.

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Cheers, -Raine

Fast Cassyva #4 / Duelyst 59

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