Tempo Argeon Decklist (20 Nov. 2016)


To keep the tempo up in this Argeon list, I’ve dropped two Spelljammers in favor of Sojourners. After cutting the three Skorns, I also put in a second Afterblaze – I think it and Roar compliment Sojourner nicely while also having great synergy with a lot of our other tools such as Azurite Lion – and two Silverguard Knights. This 3-drop is  one of the strongest in the game now that Skorn is nerfed, and was even before. I’ve had really good results with this list and recommend it for newer players – it’s easy to figure out and play decently with, and while you can still make plenty of misplays with it (I still do) it is very forgiving and features a lot of signature neutral cards that you will play with in other lists.

Tempo Argeon Decklist (20 Nov. 2016)

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