Myriad: A Peculiar Ponder

Hey, everyone. I haven’t written any straight-up text posts in a while and we all know the internet loves walls of text, so let’s get to it!

Classic Utrollinmebro

Recently, a user in my stream chat dropped some interesting messages. On stream, my reaction was skeptical, and it mostly still is – but I suppose I’m justifying/lending power to the poster by writing about it here. Oh well!

A user left these messages in my Twitch chat during a Duelyst stream recently and my imagination has been running wild with it.

I don’t want to directly disclose who left these messages, but I don’t know anything about them besides their username anyways. They asked me: if I could see a spoiler from any faction, which would it be? Before I really saw the question, the above messages had been dropped. The program I loaded the messages in actually shows the most recent at the top, if the order seems confusing.

A Myriad of Questions

Myriad as a concept seems to fit with what we could expect a Vanar card from the upcoming expansion to look like. We know that it will be focusing on bloodborn spell interactions and effects based on what we’ve read from the developers on Reddit and what they’ve stated in Roundtables post-Shimzar. In fact, this month’s card contest focuses on players designing cards around the idea of cards with a “Bloodbound” keyword, activating each time the respective general activates their Bloodborn spell. Speaking of the card contest, I scoured through it pretty thoroughly, and Myriad or any card that is in any way very similar to Myriad does not exist as a submission at this time.

Despite all of this and a tentative release date of December 2016, as of the writing of this (20 Nov. 2016) no formal expansion announcement has been made and no sort of pre-sales have commenced. Expecting a before-Christmas launch, we can assume a formal announcement will be made in the next two weeks if the expansion isn’t being pushed to 2017. From all of this, we can assume that the card set is probably near-finished if not in the final stages of balance tweaks or indeed finished already – this expansion has been in the works for quite some time, once again referencing the post-Shimzar Roundtable podcast featuring the lead developers.

Viable, Palatable, Laughable?

To me, this card seems fairly balanced. 2/3 is a little weak for a 3-drop, but on turn 4 with your Bloodborn spell you can get a 0/1 with provoke, a 0/2 that stuns enemy minions that attack it, or a 3/3 that threatens a plethora of 3 or less health minions and denies a large portion of the board if your opponent doesn’t deal with it – not to mention in a Kara list, all of these walls would receive +1/+1. If the expansion includes any new wall varieties, the card could become stronger or weaker, but it fits thematically. If it were a real card, I would be genuinely excited to play with it.

Of course, nothing can be judged without seeing the entire set. I actually tweeted the screenshot at Duelyst, and someone commented that it seemed fake and weak. I think it would be a great card if an 8/8 wall with provoke is added in the expansion. Oh well – everybody rushes to judgement sometimes.

Trolled Hard

When the cards for the next expansion are revealed, there probably won’t be any Myriad. The Illuminati isn’t real and I’ve been had. It does strike me as odd, though – whoever managers the Duelyst Twitter account almost always interacts with whatever I tag them in, seemingly no matter what it is unless it’s particularly critical or controversial (which is very rarely). I do appreciate their support very much! But it strikes me as odd that they did not have any manner of reaction whatsoever to this particular post. This doesn’t really mean anything, but it certainly does feed into my conspiracy and tell me to look for something that isn’t there.

The ultimate in irrelevancies, Duelyst ignored my tweet about Myriad even though this probably isn’t anything out of the ordinary. They do interact with most of the posts I tag them in, such as this one.


Am I just being trolled here? Yeah, probably. Is Myriad indeed a spoiler from Duelyst’s upcoming expansion? I doubt it. But this user seemed pretty confident in themselves, and sometimes that’s all someone needs to make others believe in them too. And besides, on the really small off-chance that Myriad is in the set, I’m not sure how I would react to that. Why my chat, of all the places to leave information like that, if there’s any legitimacy? Here’s to your confidence, user. Thanks for watching.

Myriad: A Peculiar Ponder

2 thoughts on “Myriad: A Peculiar Ponder

  1. […] As we draw closer and closer to Rise of the Bloodborn, Duelyst‘s upcoming expansion (expected to release before 2017), we are seeing the last days of the post-Patch 1.76 Argeon-dominated meta. Who will be crowned the new king remains a mystery, but the truth will be upon us soon enough. Several cards have been revealed at this point, but still no sign of Myriad. […]


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