Fast Cassyva Decklist (20 Nov. 2016)


With the changes in Patch 1.76, my Fast Cassyva list has seen some small changes.

All three copies of the recently changed Blistering Skorn have been cut and I am instead toying with two copies of Breath of the Unborn to replace Skorn’s AoE effect with something that has a little more kick and some utilitarian value. I don’t know if this change will last but so far I’ve had good results with it.

I also added in a second copy of Spectral Blade. With the nerf to Cryogenesis I expect 4-health minions to become more prevalent, which in turn makes Spectral Blade much stronger. I originally had cut one because I felt like often it didn’t do enough with all of the other ping options Cassyva has available, but without Skorn it’s certainly stronger in the list.

A part of me wants to cut one Rite and maybe the Paragon and add Reaper of the Nine Moons back in. A viewer suggested this, but with initial testing I did not yield great results. I’m still considering tweaks but for now this list is competing in Diamond fairly well.

Fast Cassyva Decklist (20 Nov. 2016)

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