Rainesama vs. Zeza2 (Amazyng Race Pt. 2) / Duelyst 51

Zoochz and Scarzig commentating my second match in the Amazyng Race tournament. Once again, a huge thank you to them for allowing me to use this footage on my channel.

I feel like my opponent was a little over-favored in the commentary, but it’s all in good fun. I obviously made two very critical misplays throughout this match, but I’m okay with both of them. I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable with this format from the experience gained in these games. My deck is designed so that I should be able to ignore any board state that won’t kill me very quickly, while taking the corners as quickly as possible and simultaneously hindering my opponent from doing the same; a lot of the decisions I made were with that in mind and were questioned by the casters, and while I agree with a lot of their suggestions, I don’t think it was nearly as close as they led on – but at the same time, being a good caster means being able to build hype well, and they definitely keep the suspense up.

Once again, I really hope you guys enjoy these games. They were a blast to play and I love listening to how others react to my plays, especially the more bizarre and creative ones I come up with.

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Cheers, -Raine

Rainesama vs. Zeza2 (Amazyng Race Pt. 2) / Duelyst 51

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