Duelyst Dialogs 03 Lore Slides

A big thank you to everyone that’s watched my latest Duelyst Dialog. I’ve received a lot of great feedback regarding it and am thrilled my effort was not in vain, and I’m already bursting with new ideas I want to try out in the next installment.

The weekend is here, and my week was quite busy, so while I’ll still be doing some work behind the scenes, I don’t plan on uploading until Monday; I will however be streaming some Duelyst at some point, of course!

In the meantime, I wanted to share the slides I made for the lore portion of the video. It was a bit of a challenge to sort-of rewrite/paraphrase the original lore entries. I wanted to keep everything, but had to cut anything I considered non-essential due to time and space constraints. I’m pretty satisfied with the final result; I hope you like them too!

And of course, these slides were made possible by the amazing and beautiful character art provided by Duelyst in their Art Kit.

Duelyst Dialogs 03 Lore Slides

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