Fievel Goes S-Rank

Zero Ranks

Hey there everybody, Raine here! Just a few updates for you, first and foremost: I hit S-Rank for October 2016! I’ll be talking a lot more about my experience in an upcoming video. I mainly played Dervish Vetruvian, but at Rank 2 I swapped over to Aggro Cassyva because the Vet list was starting to slide really close to under a 55% winrate. I cleared my way to S after another 31 games for a total of 97 season wins. The first dozen or so I was really trying out a lot of different techs; I think Grasp of Agony is still hard to make use of against a lot of decks but a single Ghost Azalea won me several games – people never seem to play around that one.


A huge thank you to everyone who came by my stream and cheered me on and my friends in-game for the same well wishes. I know it really isn’t a huge deal (at least in my opinion) but it was the goal I set for myself in Duelyst this month and I’m happy that I achieved it.

See you all soon! Expect the Aggro Cassyva decklist very soon.

Fievel Goes S-Rank

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