Fast Cassyva Decklist (31 Oct. 2016)


I switched to Cassyva at Rank 2 when my Dervish Zirix list’s winrate began plummeting. I was pretty rusty with Cassyva and the list I started with was a lot different, but after a dozen games or so I was feeling pretty confident and the list was mostly where it is now. I actually hit S-Rank on a 5-win streak with this list; it’s very consistent and can flip the tables on your opponent really fast with its many built-over-time win conditions while healing disgusting amounts of health in single games through proper employment of Shadow Sister Kelaino.

This list is pretty identical to a version I’ve seen on Reddit and I’ve seen a lot of other players having success with identical or near-identical lists; I think this is probably the strongest variant of Cassyva at the moment.

Fast Cassyva Decklist (31 Oct. 2016)

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