Twitter Update

Hey guys,

Just wanted to reach out and inform everyone that I currently cannot log into my Twitter. Long story short: the telephone number associated with my Twitter is old and Twitter wants me to verify a code they are sending to that phone number due to some security concern, so I’m waiting on their customer support to get back to me on how to resolve this.

This means I cannot announce streams. I’m not sure if my automated tweets regarding my YouTube videos will still come through or not. I also cannot view my feed, respond to any messages, follow/unfollow/retweet etc. until this is resolved. I’m incredibly sorry for my absence at this time and hope that I can resolve this as quickly as possible and make it up to anyone I’ve disappointed. I’ll still be streaming and grinding for S-Rank; I just won’t be able to announce streams as directly or tweet my thoughts about things like new cards, the state of the meta, or my decklists for the time being.

Thank you for your patience and please look forward to my return to Twitter c:

Regards, Rainesama

Twitter Update

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