Midrange Zirix Decklist (24 Oct. 2016)


Hey there everybody, Raine here. This is the latest version of my Midrange Zirix decklist, modified since the changes in Patch 1.74. I’m going to talk a little about the changes as well as a little bit about why other cards are in the deck.

If you’ve watched me play on Twitch or YouTube, you may have noticed that the title for this list in my client is “Broken Card Gallery.” I really do think that this card list is one of the strongest in Duelyst at the moment and I’ve had incredible success with it this month.

First, let’s talk about the changes. They’re small, but they matter. Siphon Energy saw its range restricted to tiles nearby the your general with Patch 1.74. Siphon Energy already wasn’t an amazing card, its main drawback being that it targets minions rather than spaces, making it much more easily countered than most of the other dispel options available in the game. For this reason, I decided it was time that Siphon Energy found a new home far away from my list, in lieu of a third Ephemeral Shroud and a single Zen’rui the Blightspawned.

Ephemeral Shroud was also changed in 1.74 – from a 2/2 body to a 1/1 body. Its effect remains to dispel a nearby space and its mana cost remains 2. Despite this change, I still think that it is one of the best neutral 2-drops in the game; it’s not as if anyone was playing shroud for the 2/2 body. Neither survive against attacks from 1 or 2 drops, both kill 1 or 2 drops with a general attack typically, and both can contest mana tiles if no better option is available as a turn one play. The only reason three Shrouds weren’t included before is that Siphon Energy provided a range advantage the other dispels available to Vetruvian do not. I also wanted to replace at least one Siphon Energy with another dispel effect, and of the available options, Ephemeral Shroud was closest to the previous curve and achieves similar effect, so it is a natural replacement.

The second Siphon Energy was cut for a Zen’rui the Blightspawned, another minion changed in Patch 1.74 from a 5-mana 4/3 to a 6-mana 4/4 that still takes control of an enemy minion with 2 or less attack. I think that Zen’rui is also still powerful, albeit conditional, and I love tempo plays – which Zen’rui is the definition of. This change was recommended to me by liquidkitten, and I’m still testing it out, but I think one copy of the Blightspawned just may have a new home in my Zirix list.

Blistering Skorn is one of the MVP’s of this deck, and if you’ve seen me pilot it, you know exactly why – it gets results. It may be a matter of preference, but I feel like I always find a way to swing games with this card. I feel like it’s a little bit underrated but I’m okay with that; Blistering Skorn wrecks for me, and if you give it a chance, it just might wreck on your behalf too.

Sunsteel Defender is another MVP. It does require that you think your plays out, since Skorn is also around, but I’ve never had any problems. Forcefield is another option available in Duelyst that I think is underrated – if you can take the board, Forcefield minions are literally invulnerable. It forces your opponent to find answers they do not have the time/mana to play and contributes a lot to this deck’s snowballing fashion.

Entropic Decay is garbage, but it’s hard removal. Most threats, our minions and dervishes can handle between damage buffs and dispels, but sometimes, something is just too big and/or too threatening; enter Entropic Decay. It is meant to be a last resort, and is commonly the star of misplays; never cast this unless there is no other option and you think not casting it can cost you the game. Try your hardest to remove at least a 5-drop with it, but preferably 6 or higher.

Dominate Will is similar to Entropic Decay, but with a huge tempo bonus when cast on large/important minions. As such, it’s really good when it takes a large minion such as a Vorpal Reaver, or when it takes a strategically crucial minion such as a Shadowdancer. Keep in mind you’ll spend the majority of your turn casting it, and decide whether trading and playing minions would be better tempo-wise than just taking one of your opponent’s minions and making a small 1 or 2 mana play at best afterwards. This card is especially important in slower matchups, as well as the mirror. Aymara Healer is one of the best targets for this spell in the entire game.

Finally, why Zirix, and why not Sajj? The answer is that their early and late game efficiency is entirely opposite. Zirix’s 2/2 dervishes are pretty poor in the early game, dying to healthy generals’ attacks as well as pretty much any other minion or spell in the game. However, in the late game, they help your board snowball as your opponent runs out of cards from dealing with the relentless swarm of 2/2s once they begin worrying about their health total, making Zirix’s Bloodborn Spell a beautiful synergy with this deck’s objective to overwhelm the board. Sajj, on the other hand, is great at removing minions early in the game with her Bloodborn Spell. However, she can only accumulate a small amount of damage before using her to attack larger late-game minions is simply too risky, leaving her with no form of value to contribute with her Bloodborn spell past a certain point. This could be rectified with artifacts such as Hexblade or Wildfire Ankh, but these cards are simply too clunky and volatile for this list.

As for the rest of the cards in the list, I feel like it’s pretty obvious: they’re very powerful.

I hope this helps shed some light on my decklist and yielded some helpful information, and if you have any questions about it feel free to ask! I’ll see you all on the ladder!

Midrange Zirix Decklist (24 Oct. 2016)

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